Vision & Objectives


Our vision, objectives and underlying principles

We have taken the feedback from the Parish Survey that was undertaken at the end of 2019 (archived on this web site) and used this to help put together a draft vision for Kings Langley.


To preserve and enhance what villagers most value about Kings Langley in line with the priorities suggested by the 2019 Parish Plan Survey – its village status, environmental action, greenbelt, proximity to open countryside, canal, woods and common, its thriving high street and strong sense of community.

Objective 1:

To direct new development to within sites allocated by the Dacorum Local Plan and to protect, so far as possible, the Green Belt, valued green space in and around Kings Langley and local character and heritage.

Development should contribute towards a proven local need.

Objective 2:

To require of any new development, an assurance of the credibility of the developer and an assurance of the environmental sustainability of any proposed development, with plans ideally approaching a ‘zero carbon’ goal through building materials, alternative energy sources, energy saving design, encouraging walking and cycling.

Objective 3:

Development must deliver community benefit, in line with initiatives promoted by the other three Parish Plan working groups, for instance car free/car sharing development; enhanced public access; contribution to recreation facilities and on-site food growing land allocation.

Objective 4:

To support a vibrant and diverse High Street and a strong local economy that offers job opportunities to local people. Any future development, large or small, must not diminish existing business workspace or local employment opportunities. To generate new employment and replace any lost workspace, we will seek to provide small business units.

We have also adopted an overall guiding principle that in order to deliver our vision and objectives:

Guiding principle:

We will expect of any new development or impact on the village, a contribution of community benefit, over and above any CIL monies, in line with the policies outlined in this Neighbourhood Plan.

(The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge that local authorities can set on new development in order to raise funds to help fund local infrastructure and facilities.)

It is really important that development taking place in Kings Langley contributes positively to the community. We cannot, for instance, halt strategic housing developments that might come our way, but we can have a say in what these look like – the sorts of housing they deliver, the design of that housing and what facilities it might provide to benefit the local community.

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