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The team working on this project

The team working on the Neighbourhood Plan are drawn from across the Parish, representing a range of views, activities and interested groups such as Transition in KingsKings Langley Community Benefit SocietyKings Langley & District Residents’ Association

They have been involved in various groups and initiatives across the village over the years; most recently the production of the Parish Survey in 2019, the responses to which provided much of the groundwork for the draft Neighbourhood Plan available to you to review on this website.

The people involved

The Neighbourhood Plan is prepared for and on behalf of the Parish Council, and so consequently the group is chaired by John Morrish, Parish Councillor.  External support, to ensure the plan complies with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011, is provided by consultant Alison Eardley.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group team are: 

john morrish

John Morrish

andrew levy

Chris Pichon

john ingleby

John Ingleby

andrew levy

Eric Martin

james markham

James Markham

andrew levy

Andrew Levy

alison eardley

Alison Eardley

External Consultant

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